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Wedding Gown Services

Your wedding dress is perhaps the most special and emotive garment you will ever own. We understand this and for this reason, we are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service in the cleaning of your wedding dress.

Wedding gowns

Your dress will be inspected prior to cleaning to ascertain what treatment best benefits your dress. We will then manually remove the stains by hand before cleaning your dress. After cleaning we will re-inspect your dress and decide if any more treatment is necessary. Only once we are completely satisfied will we press your dress by hand.

Once the dress is ready, we’ll invite you to inspect your dress, after which you can either take your dress as it is or have it boxed in acid-free tissue paper for posterity.


We carry out all sorts of repairs and alterations at competitive prices.

What we can do
  • Trousers – shorten/lengthen, half pocket, full pocket, taper legs and take in/take out
  • Skirts – shorten/lengthen and take in/take out

  • Dresses – shorten/lengthen and shorten from waist
  • Jackets – shorten sleeves
  • Coats – shorten length
  • Zippers
  • Replace buttons
  • Re-sew button holes
  • Replace hook and bar
  • Mending and more…